South San Francisco Bay Area,

California, USA

The largest group in Lightsaber Team, this group has multiple workouts, lots of hangouts, and is involved in many projects

Galactic Tourist Bureau

Lightsaber Team's fan club-within-a-fan club, this is a group of Disney fans, who participate in Disney-related activities

Fresno Area,

California, USA

This Central Valley group is home to some of Lightsaber Team's best saber spinners, and most avid Star Trek fans.

Dusty Duck
Prague, Czech Republic

Lightsaber Team's first ship outside the United States, rapidly growing thanks to the efforts of its members

Lightsaber Team local club chapters are called "ships," and named after named after star ships holding more than three people from the Star Wars Universe. Find the one closest to you! If you are interested in starting your own local "ship," please contact us. Ship meetings are subject to change and cancellation. Please see our Facebook page and calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Rogue Shadow, 

Peninsula region, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

This group of brilliant professionals meets primarily in San Mateo, CA

​Lightsaber Team is a combat choreography, fitness, and Star Wars fan club for adults.  We aspire to become an athletic performance team that promotes a healthier alternative, concept and strategy for those who share our passions, lifestyles and fandoms. Lightsaber Team charges no money for its workouts, performances or appearances.