Lightsaber Team has an Honorary Membership program, where we recognize people outside our group whose work and life have inspired and made a positive impact on our group. Honorees include Peter Vilmur, Steve Sansweet, and Lori Corbin.

Lightsaber Team holds build days to build and repair our unique illuminated lightsabers. We have many people with the knowledge and experience to build and repair lightsabers.

Lightsaber Team looks to recruit people with a variety of skills beyond physical ability. In addition to founding Lightsaber Team choreography and fitness groups around the world, we are always working on a variety of projects. 

Lightsaber Team does not just make lightsabers for our workouts, and choreography. We are working on a variety of other builds to make a unique experience for our group, and other Star Wars fans.

​Lightsaber Team is a combat choreography, fitness, and Star Wars fan club for adults.  We aspire to become an athletic performance team that promotes a healthier alternative, concept and strategy for those who share our passions, lifestyles and fandoms. Lightsaber Team charges no money for its workouts, performances or appearances.

Lightsaber Team's biggest ongoing projects are our annual lightsaber choreography videos. Below is a sample of 2018's project. Every year, Lightsaber Team seeks to improve its performances, its physical skills, as well as the technical skills needed to write, design, film, edit, and rotoscope its videos.